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The strength of a school also rests on its network. It is an incredible source of professional opportunities, exchanges, division of experiences and link with the school which contributes in its brilliance.Based more than 4 years ago, the association of Alumni de l’ AIBS, groups this day more old 200 present students in every corner of the world.Alumni AIBS, un réseau fort grâce à son ancienneté et à ses membres

The network of Alumni de l’ AIBS has for mission to establish between all the members of the friendly relations, connect successively the new promotions with the previous promotions and use reports so created both for the benefit of the industry as for the benefit of the members themselves.The Club livens up the community of the graduates and proposes them a whole panel of services and tools: social networks, meetings themes, forums, conferences, dinners, anniversaries of special offer, the opportunities to keep in touch are not lacking!The alumni are often the best placed to put a lot with motivation and in any independence into the choice of the orientations of their school. In the AIBS they assure even voluntarily the governance.

The alumni of the AIBS are particularly active for:

Present their career to the current pupils and testify during Open daysWelcome in their company of the apprentices or sponsor the students during their technical internship(training course) (4A or their internship(training course) engineer of the end of studiesCoach alumni in their professional evolution or their recruitmentsParticipate in the juries of competition (help, competitions) and lead the motivation interviews of the candidatesGuide and follow students’ projects between the 1st and 4th yearParticipate in the pedagogy, teach and give conferencesOrganize colloquiums, events of networking, festive events or culturalIn Abidjan or inside, in Ivory Coast or on the international stage, antennas alumni of the AIBS facilitate the meetings and the connected.

« Stay in touch » grâce à l’annuaire en ligne des anciensSearch tool of internship(training course), partnership, projects, or full employment(use), the on-line directory of the former(old) graduates of the AIBS allows each to know whom became his former(old) neighbor of lecture hall.

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