Professional Licence & Master by E-Learning

For landing in the numerous problems bound to the lack of time of the willing workers of study, Atlantique International Business School Has to develop this system of training in E-learning or online Training allowing to follow a distance training. More need to move in a training center or to make a trainer come in the company… The point on the advent of the new information technologies and the communication at the origin of this phenomenon.

Thanks to Internet Everywhere or you are!

Make your route in Professional License 1 and 2 in our various sectors:

The sectors proposed in Professional License and Master’s degree in E-learning

  • Banque & Assurance (BA)
  • Réseaux & Génie Logiciel (RGL)
  • Communication Marketing (CM)
  • Comptabilité – Contrôle – Audit (CCA)
  • Management des Compétences & Gestion des Ressources Humaines (MCGRH)
  • Logistiques (LOG)


In itself, the e-learning involves nothing as for the following elements:

  • The physical presence of a trainer,

  • The existence of the trainer,

  • The autonomy of the learners,

  • The methods of the training,

  • The place of the training…

In practice, the e-learning is often considered as the means to do a training course since any IT post equipped with a connection to Internet.



The e-learning can facilitate the access to the knowledge. A computer equipped with a connection to Internet is enough. It is not necessary to move you can thus exercise your business in complete peace.


According to the training and the chosen formula, the training can be followed at any time, with any rhythm and since any place. It will be enough simply to go on Our platform



Numerous studies put forward of better results of the training in e-learning that during a traditional face-to-face training.