The professional Licenses in E-learning are formations the plan of which is mediatized and accessible via internet. This plan proposes a pedagogy innovative, attractive and adapted to the constraints of the employees who want to follow a diploma-awarding cycle of in-service training.

The contents of the professional licenses are proposed in the style of a television news in which the trainer plays presenter’s role. The latter introduces, develops and synthesizes the various contents discipline by discipline. The set is accessible by the platform e-learning of formation of AIBS.

The contributions of contents are varied. They are abstract and practical. The trainees reach numerous mediatized educational resources:

  • Videos of the trainers;
  • Supports(Media) to be read;
  • Exercises and practical cases to be realized.

Thanks to this plan, the people in service professional reach more easily the formation. The solutions and the proposed rhythms allow to reconcile professional activity, personal life with an ambitious project of formation. An employee can form while preserving his professional activity.

Level of entrance and exit

The level of entry to the formation is SECOND-YEAR UNIVERSITY LEVEL and more.
The output level is a « DEGREE LEVEL ».

The professional License results in the bachelor’s degree delivered by the ministry of the higher education of the State of IC and a certificate delivered by AIBS.

Every person having a diploma of second-year university level.