The word of the CEO

For a long time, the Ivory Coast school undergoes quite hard the pernicious effects of a destructive international crisis of jobs and values.In Ivory Coast, in spite of the numerous efforts and the initiatives, the learners stemming from the school system have difficulty in finding a first employment and some time an internship.The inadequacy enters training received at the school and the reality of the professional world eventually convinced the largest number that the system of training must be seen again and adapted to needs and realities of the company.The international Atlantic Ocean Business School (AIBS) proposes an alternative in the problem of the adequacy training employment by training by alternation. This system of training allows the learner during its training to practise its job by a constant and prolonged dumping in a company.To develop the employability of our learners, a particular accent will be put on the Chinese learning (mandarin) and from English.Our offers of training also take into account companies and their employees.With our French partner who is the School of Management of Normandy we propose remote Master’s degrees by taking into account the accreditation of prior learning professionals (VAP).The employees have the opportunity so to see their valued work experience.The entrepreneurship occupies a special place to AIBS so entering the vision of the Head of State and the government, with GROUND and ANGEL our partner, we suggest a License(Bachelor’s degree) and Master’s degree Beginning(Undertaking) sanctioned(punished) in the end of the training(formation) a financing for the new business start-up.Thanks to his(her,its) network of high-level consultant, we offer to the companies of the high-level trainings(formations) and accompany them in the development.Welcome to the International Atlantic Ocean Business School, you have just put a safe(sure) step towards the company.Fousseny KONEChairman and Chief Executive Officer AIBS